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Business Development

Relationship marketing is not a function; it’s a way of doing business. In professional services it’s all about relationships and becoming your clients’ trusted adviser. Our business development services will help you create a firm-wide culture that embraces the importance of relationships and an intentional, consistent client experience. We start with a current assessment to help you identify areas of need and then based on that analysis, provide a customized program that includes the strategies, processes and training necessary to meet your goals. You’ll develop a scaleable organization and a more capable team that can effectively build and maintain loyal client relationships.

Business Development Assessment
The most prudent way to begin the business development improvement process is to evaluate your current situation. Quite simply, our business development audit will compare what you’re doing to what you should be doing. We’ll conduct both internal and external surveys among key staff and clients to pinpoint needs and gaps. Based on this verified baseline, we’ll develop tailored recommendations and strategies that will achieve your goals. The product will be a performance-based action plan with key milestones and a budget.

Business Development Training & Coaching

With a solid plan and structure in place, the next step is to build your business development team. Our Principal Consultant, Randy Tuminello, is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with over 25 years of successful experience as a Business Development Director. With this dual background, Randy is uniquely qualified to provide business development training to technical personnel serving in key project management and client development roles. Over 1,500 technical and support professionals have participated in our training programs since 1993. Specifically designed for technical people, our unique program is based on the exponential power of relationship marketing. 

Proposal and Interview Coaching

Some proposals and interviews are just too important and you need to pull out all the stops. We bring an objective perspective and nearly three decades of success in proposal and interview preparation and coaching. Randy has served as a ‘red team leader’ on hundreds of proposals and interviews ranging from $25M to over $2B in construction costs. Our process and insight about what clients want most, gained from thousands of client interviews, will provide that extra margin that’s often the difference between winning and losing. 

Tuminello Consulting has done an excellent job in helping us improve our marketing and business development efforts. They have successfully completed several varied assignments for us including a client perception survey, upgrading our marketing systems, and regularly critiquing our proposal and interview efforts. The quality of service and professionalism has always been first rate.

Jim Kortan, FAIA
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