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Market Strategy


We are well-known for our work as researchers, strategic advisors and facilitators. Whether it’s developing an entry strategy into a new market, finding the right partner or firm for a merger, enhancing your competitive position in an existing one, or even recapturing a lost position, we will supply the process, tools and advice you need to help you achieve your goals.

Market and Geographic Research

We provide specialized experience in transportation, water resources, energy, the federal market, healthcare and biopharma. In these areas, we know the best sources for information, the right questions to address and where to focus our attention to efficiently deliver the most relevant information.  The result of our research will provide real numbers and qualitative feedback from potential clients that will provide a reliable and realistic assessment of your risk to reward scenarios.

Firm Mergers, Acquisitions and Strategic Partnerships

While mergers and acquisitions have become a more common means for achieving growth and a competitive advantage in today’s market, they are also difficult to implement successfully. Like renovating and old house, there are inherent risks lurking behind the walls that can be easily overlooked without a closer inspection. Obviously, financial and legal due diligence is essential and we have strategic partners who are experts at these aspects. Our due diligence, equally important, is to qualify the true value of the goodwill of the acquired or merged firm–a line item that is often equated as a significant portion of a firm’s overall valuation. Our targeted market and client surveys will provide a complete and more accurate picture of the acquired or merged firm’s future earnings potential based on their current market position, the projected future value of their chosen market(s), and most importantly, their perceived standing among their own clients and potential clients.

Client Research

Knowing the latest issues and trends within your target markets provides at best only 49% of the total picture. The other 51%, arguably the most important pieces of the intelligence picture, will come from your clients and prospects operating within those markets. You can recite statistics, facts and figures all you want, but if you haven’t verified your clients’ attitudes, pressures, outlook, needs, expectations and precisely how they will approach the market, none of the other information will matter. An in-depth understanding of what your clients are thinking, the services they value most and the way they want them delivered–this is the ultimate objective in intelligence gathering. 

Strategic Advisor

Providing solid data is important, but our greatest value lies in our ability to serve as a strategic advisor. Our broad exposure to the markets, including our work with numerous professional services firms throughout the U.S., will provide the insight, wisdom and specialized experience you need to apply that data in ways that will optimize your competitive advantage.

Strategic Planning Facilitation

You will get more done in less time with the right facilitator. We have successfully planned and facilitated numerous retreats for firms of all sizes and disciplines. You will enjoy our approach to facilitation because we have a balanced, proven process that works; one that helps groups stay focused on the right issues but at the same time is not so inflexible as to stymie the benefits of team building, synergy and relationships. Our process is adaptable to varying time constraints. Typically, a strategic planning session takes place over a one or two-day retreat. However, we have successfully completed planning sessions in as little as four hours.

Tuminello Consulting has been very instrumental in assisting our firm in its strategic planning process.  Not only was guidance offered in the identification and development of goals and action steps, but also their expertise was utilized in ‘hands-on’ marketing activities as well.  Overall, I have found Randy’s engineering background and in-depth management and marketing experience to be very beneficial to our firm.
Bill Acorn, P.E., President
AEC Engineering & Consulting

We sat down with Tuminello Consulting and developed a strategic plan that would help us penetrate a lucrative new market.  Their ideas and help with the implementation led to new opportunities much faster than we could have ever anticipated.  


Bob Baltes P.E., Chairman

Baltes/Valentino Consulting Engineers

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