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Coaching & Training

Tuminello Consulting has trained over 1,500 project managers, technical and business development personnel in national forums and tailored in-house programs. The most telling evidence of our effectiveness is the number of times we are invited back. Clients consistently report significant improvement in client relations, sales, win rate and capture rate.

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Business Development Training & Coaching

The Business Development Training Program is hands-on, with simulated skill building and role-playing exercises designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience for effective business development. The training is specifically designed for technical professionals who are not naturally comfortable in these types of situations.


You’ll learn how to lead and what to say in the initial call, how to setup and conduct the initial meeting, how to ask the right questions and how to follow-up in a manner that maintains interest, builds trust, and allows the relationship to develop naturally. You will also compete against other teams in the actual pursuit of a $1B project including interviewing clients for hot buttons, the development of a proposal strategy and delivery of a presentation to the selection panel. The course also provides in-depth coverage of personality adaptation and active listening skills.  A workbook of all sessions and a tool box of effective programs and systems is included.

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Executive Coaching


The following scenarios typify recent assignments where clients sought our help to provide executive coaching: a new CEO has been appointed and needs help developing a new vision and strategy; key owners are nearing retirement and need to develop a viable approach to leadership and ownership transition; a senior project manager has just been promoted to COO and needs to develop a firm-wide strategy.

In working with leaders, we have found that in many cases they need more thoughtful reflection and less instruction. Serving as your coach, you'll find that we'll ask more questions and make less statements. Our focus will be to draw out what is already inside. We'll work hard to help you remember your values and trust your instincts. If changes in thinking need to be made, we will help make those adjustments apparent through self-realization. If new skills are required, we'll help you achieve them by forming new habits. We are not apologetic when it comes to pressing for the hard truth as long as it is done with fairness, honesty and respect. Those are the three qualities you can expect from us in each and every encounter. 

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Proposal and Interview Coaching

On those important ‘must win’ projects, you need an outside coach who can bring objectivity and fresh ideas, fill strategy gaps, script the approach and help you peak at just the right time. Do you know your client’s hot-buttons and the right questions to ask? Do you understand your client’s greatest risks? Can you articulate a compelling approach to minimize those risks? We leave no stone uncovered. From proposal strategy to writing and interview preparation and debrief, we have coached numerous pursuit teams to victory.

Kind Words

"Your account manager program really helped me see how we need to reverse the way we perceive ourselves and our clients. I would like to take this seminar again. It was outstanding!"


Tony Cosentino, AIA Project Manager

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