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Strategic Planning

Our overall approach to strategic planning is customized, based on your current situation and needs. We utilize industry benchmarks, client feedback surveys, one-on-one interviews with leadership and key staff, and other various analysis tools such as SWOT and current situation analyses. Tuminello Consulting then provides the background data and mandates necessary to build cohesion around the key issues that will drive the company toward its strategic vision. The result is an action-oriented planning document with programs, projects, tasks, responsible teams, schedules, budgets and milestone dates for accountability and performance monitoring.

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Document Review

The primary focus here is to review previous business plans and results achieved to get a sense about past priorities and performance. It also provides a better overall understanding of a firm’s business practices (business development and operations) as well as the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats from a historical perspective. We also review financials for the previous 5 years to understand the firm’s financial performance.

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Current Situation Analysis

Confidential one-on-one interviews with the leadership team, particularly those selected to participate in the strategic planning workshop, are conducted to gather their individual perspectives on needs and priorities as well as strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT). In the approximate one-hour discussion utilizing a customized template to ensure all respondents answer identical questions, responses are compiled and summarized into a situation analysis table. This table becomes an important consensus building tool during the workshop to develop the vision, goals, and Big Bold Steps that will drive the key programs developed for the strategic plan.

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Client Perception Studies

Tuminello Consulting highly recommends the completion of a client perception study prior to a strategic planning retreat if one has not been completed within the previous three years. A list of 30-50 clients (typical) are compiled using a matrix provided by Tuminello Consulting that segregate respondents based on the quality of the relationship from excellent to troublesome. In this way, the client list is not cherry picked and represents a diverse group to provide a more accurate perception of the firm. A detailed questionnaire is constructed to obtain valuable information about the firm’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, competitive position, brand, service quality, delivery and overall reputation. Qualitative and quantitative information derived from the study is compiled and used extensively throughout the strategic workshop to establish strategic actions, priorities, goals and change.

Two-day Strategic Planning Workshop

With the current situation analysis complete as well as mandates received from the clients via the client perception study, enough background information has been obtained to develop the program, process, and agenda for a two-day strategic planning workshop. Normally this workshop is attended by the same individuals who participated in the one-on-one interviews. Several main group and breakout group discussions and exercises are facilitated to develop the vision, goals and Big Bold Steps (strategic objectives). Day two is designed so that participants can work out detailed actions for each bold step. Incorporated into each action plan are the specific projects and tasks, responsible parties, schedule/budget and milestones to measure progress. The result is an action-oriented dynamic document that can be utilized as a roadmap for implementation and accountability on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Typically, the planning horizon for these plans is 1-3 years. Tuminello Consulting creates and facilitates the entire process which includes all necessary forms and materials necessary to draft the strategic plan during the workshop.

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Final Strategic Plan Documentation

Utilizing the draft document produced during the retreat, Tuminello Consulting completes a final draft of the document including all graphics and visuals suitable for publication and internal corporate communication. The final strategic plan document lays the foundation and provides the high-level priorities and direction for subsequent planning efforts including detailed divisional business plans as required.

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